Who Am I

Born and raised in beautiful Tehran, Iran, Aryan lived beside the mountains she climbed in her youth. Aryan currently works at a conceptual engineering firm, paints and teaches painting. Aryan is just beginning to establish herself as an artist in Calgary.

She hopes to own a gallery one day.



Watercolour Painting
Teaching Painting
Conceptual Engineering


Her natural talent was apparent after her first public art exhibition at the Book City Karname in Iran. In addition, her work has been featured and aired internationally on various television networks, and printed in German and Iranian newspapers.



In pursuit of new inspiration, Aryan relocated to Germany where she received her Masters in Global Political Economics from Kassel University. Continually fostering her passion for watercolour painting during this time, Aryan was prolific enough to showcase her art in public exhibitions at the University of Kassel, the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, the Labsal Gallery and the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Haus.



At the completion of her studies, Aryan migrated to Calgary where the mountains and Alberta sky became her muses. Aryan’s paintings often involve a component of motion and themes love, passion, happiness and peace. Her paintings comprise comforting earthy organic motifs of nature, often highlighting humanity’s natural relationship to the earth.

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